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The Eilot Region blends together a wide variety of distinctive landscapes. Within the Red Sea Desert, steep cliffs contrast with level plains, valleys, salt marshes, and broad wadis (dry riverbeds). From jagged, dark granite to the softer, colored sandstone and limestone, these distinctions offer a delightful picture of the desert terrain.Rock formations

The Red Sea Desert presents a rare and attractive opportunity for tours of all kinds, ranging from exhilarating all-day jeep treks to leisurely outings in the family car that complement the rest and recreation available in Eilat.

Numerous nature reserves are located within the Eilot region. Among them are the Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve, the Shayarot Cliffs Nature Reserve, the Yotvata Nature Reserve, the Great Wadis Nature Reserve and part of the Negev Mountain Nature Reserve.

White CanyonThe Red Sea Desert is the official title of the Southern Arava region that stretches from Be’er Menuha in the north to the Gulf of Eilat in the south. On the east, the Red Sea Desert is bounded by the Edom Mountains that soar up to a height of approximately 1500 meters.

To the west, the Eilat Mountains Reserve and the Shayarot Cliff Reserve rise above the Arava. The Great Wadis Nature Reserve stretches along the Israel-Egypt border all the way to Har HaNegev.

A particularly charming spot is Timna Park, containing the country’s most extensive mixture of rocks of all colors, types, and ages. This amazing assortment includes 560 million year old bedrock, multicolored sandstone, and a rich mixture of fossilized marine sediment.

Hikers, photographers, and artists will discover a breathtakingly lovely landscape.